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Light, Contrast and Noble Sophistication: Inside Villa GH

The rural, Austrian property has had the STEININGER treatment 

Tucked away in rural Austria, Villa GH bathes in natural light, spilling in from floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the single-story property. 

With a clean, minimalist aesthetic, the villa is very much in-line with STEININGER's house style, with natural materials such as stoneware floors, wooden ceilings and exposed concrete walls adding a welcoming touch.

The kitchen is the heart of the property, featuring STEININGER's Slim island, made of hot rolled stainless steel, the front of anodized aluminium. The smartly designed island in white makes it the focal point of the room, against the warm, dark wood kitchen units. It's a harmonious blend of STEININGER's creativity and interior expertise and the theme of contrasting tones threads through each room. 

The property boasts a large fireplace housed within the partitioning wall between the dining and living room areas. With functional units throughout, hidden storage is used effectively to maintain the appearance of sparsity. 

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