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What's In Build: Westport 112
2020-05-22 | Miranda Blazeby

BOAT talks to Westport Yachts about the 64th hull in its long running Westport 112 series. 

LOA: 34m

Interior designer: Westport

Exterior designer: Westport

Naval architect: Westport

Yard: Westport

What was the brief?

The 112 model, celebrating its 22nd anniversary this year, is a case study in a successful, repeatable yacht design. First launched in 1998, the model has evolved to meet changing lifestyles, tastes and technological needs, with a major exterior update in 2002. Ron Nugent, Westport’s marketing director, believes its enduring appeal is down to the extent of the content that comes as-standard, such as electronics and AV control systems, as well as the open-plan, informal “country kitchens” that are particularly popular with US owners. “They are boats that just work...hence Hull 64,” he says.

The brief for this hull was: “Avoid all natural products like stone and leather and utilise only engineered or man-made products throughout the interior,” says Nugent. The idea behind this was to be environmentally friendly since leathers, for example, contribute to greenhouse emissions through the rearing of cattle, and marbles are running out.

Another hull in the Westport 112 series

What has been the most challenging part of the build so far?

“Navigating the pending challenges set up by the mandatory shutdown,” says Nugent. “Having four new completed boats in the water, the Corona virus hitting and dealing with a mandated shutdown is definitely the most challenging thing we have dealt with.” The Washington State shipyard had to stop production because of the government mandate, so they’ve been working with the client, “to come to the best solution to meet their needs and a delivery date.”

Another hull in the Westport 112 series

Name one or two standout features on board?

Nugent points to stabilisation at rest, which is provided by Seakeeper gyro stabilisers. And also to, “a nautical theme carried throughout the vessel, a modern yet traditional look and feel.”

Another hull in the Westport 112 series

What is the status of the build and when is the scheduled delivery date?

“The mandatory shutdown due to COVID-19 has forced us to push the expected delivery out to around July 2021,” says Nugent.